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Casa Puesta Del Sol

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The vacation rentals offered by Bachelor Party Bay CR are some of the best accomidations I’ve ever received on a vacation ANYWHERE! Two weeks ago, six friends and I stayed at the Casa Puesta Del Sol, an extravagant 5 bedroom estate located at the Los Suenos resort just a few miles away from Jaco. I am a big fan of luxury while I’m on vacation and this place set a new standard of lodging when I’m away from home. To me it’s important to have nice accomidations when on a trip because your hotel room or vacation rental is your home for the time being and it makes you feel better about the trip when you’re sleeping somewhere comfortable. But to label this mansion as merely “comfortable” would be a catastrophic understatement. Casa Puesta is situated high in the Costa Rican hills of Los Suenos and the property offers 365 degrees of postcard-worthy views. Before we even entered the house, we went around to check out the backyard and pool. Infinity pool? Check. Jacuzzi? Check. Patio and grill? Check. And to top it all off, this backyard party set up had a view of the mountains and ocean that took us a good ten minutes to totally take in. We quickly confirmed that our hopes of renting a MTV Cribs-caliber home had come to life. When we finally moved on to the interior, we were blown away by the beautiful interior and spaciousness. The house offers too many rooms to count, with 5 bedrooms all with conjoined or adjacent bathrooms. All of the bedrooms were huge with king sized beds, walk-in closets, and fully funished with dressers and seating. The downstairs kitchen and dining area were also fantastic. The kitchen had a fully stocked bar and a professional culinary workstation equipped with everything from forks and knives to pots and pans. We couldn’t wait to show the place off, so we invited another group we met in the airport who were in Costa Rica for a different Bachelor Party. They had been mingling around downtown and told us they had met even more people while out at the bars. It dawned on us that we might be hosting a mansion party, and in no way was that depressing. When our friends pulled up to the house, we saw that they had nearly tripled their eleven-man operation and the majority of the new recruits were attractive girls. Nice work fellas. After about thirty minutes of showing people around the pad, we started to go to work on the bar that was already stocked and ready to go. Although my recollection of the mansion party cuts off shortly after we started in on the bar, I do know that the Casa Puesta Del Sol was one heck of a place to throw a party. There are tidbits I remember from the party like doing a backflip into the pool (nailed it), a girl teaching me how to make Costa Rican cocktails at the bar (so good!), and a late night coed hot tub session (I wish I remembered more of that). All in all, we couldn’t have been more impressed by our accomidations and the Casa Puesta made our stay in Costa Rica into the time of our lives. I want to say thanks to Bachelor Party Bay Costa Rica for putting us up in such a great spot and for the unbelievable hospitality. I can’t wait to return!!