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Girls, Girls, Girls!

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Girls, girls, girls! Costa Rica is one of the world’s leading bachelor party destinations for a good reason; the women are out of this world! Even the United States’ most exotic cities like Miami and LA pale in comparison to the abundance of natural female beauty that can be found in Costa Rica. There are literally women everywhere you go and the best part is they absolutely adore American men. Many travelers consider Costa Rican women to be the warmest, friendliest women in Latin America, probably because Costa Rica has not been subject to nearly as much of the corruption and instability as most of the other countries in South and Central America. In fact, many of the girls have migrated from other Latin American countries and established a new home in Costa Rica. Either way you look at it, Costa Rica is far and away the best place in the Western Hemisphere to meet good looking women. Just to give you an idea of the talent in Costa Rica and how readily available it is, here is a quick story from my last trip.. It was the first day of my trip in Jaco and I was walking down the street to grab some breakfast. A couple of blocks ahead, I could hear a DJ blasting hip-hop tunes and someone shouting expressively into a bullhorn and wondered what the commotion was about. Mind you, it was only 9:30 am, so this noise really caught my attention. When I arrived at the scene, I was astonished to see about fifteen models dancing and posing for passers by. There was no question they were models, each and every one had a perfect hourglass body and looks to kill. One of them grabbed me by my collar and started dancing on me. When I asked why she and her friends were out dancing at such an odd time of day, she simply replied: “what else would I be doing?” It was a good question, I guess. People in Costa Rica, particularly the females, have a “live life to the fullest” mentality. It is difficult to conceptualize that type of lifestyle, but once you’ve spent some time in Costa Rica, it becomes fairly easy to get used to. It is these types of spontaneous, slightly bizarre occurrences that make Costa Rica such a fun and memorable place to visit, and an even better place to party. Your bachelor party is special because it has to be the party of a lifetime. Now, how could you possibly find a better place to throw a party of this magnitude than a place where there are beautiful beaches, warm weather, and most importantly, tons of gorgeous, free-spirited, fun-loving girls?