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To give you an idea of how gorgeous the women are in Costa Rica, check out the video from a beauty contest at Cocal Hotel and Casino on Jaco Beach. This beauty contest was judged by Bachelor Party Bay's staff giving us a first-hand look at the talent that can be found all over the country.

Contests like the Miss Costa Rica Pageant are presented annually and usually happen in the major cities of Jaco and San Jose. These pageants are not like the prude, stuffy pageants in America, they're more like parties with models showing off their ridiculously sexy bodies. And what is even more exciting, they will come party with you afterwards!

The Miss Costa Rica Pageant is the most popular beauty pageant in Costa Rica. In this contest, hundreds of Costa Rican girls audition and showcase themselves to become known as the most beautiful girl in Costa Rica. These contests are a lot of fun, but the less popular ones tend to be even more wild. You will often see beauty contests with girls representing countries throughout Latin America. If you're not familiar with the way women from Latin America look, they are curvy and tan with full lips and beautiful smiles. It's hard to say where the US went wrong, but as far as good-looking females are concerned, Latin America definitely has us beat.

Probably the best thing about the beauty contests in Costa Rica is that they skip the prom dresses, wedding dresses, and whatever other outfits women wear in American pageants, and get straight to the bikinis. We hate to break it to you ladies, but when guys are judging women who they don't know for their beauty, a sexy swimsuit contest is all that really matters.

This being the case, these contests are great if you're in Costa Rica for a bachelor party or just to check out the women. Everyone likes to see beautiful girls and these women are some of the prettiest in the world. Also, if you're looking to pick up girls, the beauty contest will narrow down the countless amount of girls in Costa Rica so you are left with only the hottest women in the country, or at least in that general vicinity.

The models who participate in these pageants are surprisingly warm and receptive so if you see something you like, there's a chance you could make it happen. Most of the time after the contests, the models will mingle in with the crowd. That's your chance to find the one you couldn't get your eyes off and try your luck. Yes, the beauty pageant models are a tad harder to get than the average girl walking down the street but lucky for us, it's really not that much harder. These women are looking for the same qualities as the average girls you will meet; someone who is nice, respectful, and likes to have fun. The only difference is they obviously receive more attention than the average chick, so your proposal might not be the first one she's heard that day. Nonetheless, we have seen it done multiple times before so there is nothing stopping you from trying.