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White Water Rafting Tour

Are you looking for a dose of excitement while visiting Costa Rica? Why not create an itinerary that includes a whitewater rafting tour? Costa Rica is known for its amazing outdoor adventures that allow locals and visitors alike to experience the greatness of nature and participate in incredible activities that may be new to them.

At Bachelor Party Bay in Costa Rica, we offer the best group event planning services to ensure that your stay in Costa Rica is fun and memorable. Let us set your group up with a rafting tour that will no doubt be the highlight of your visit.

Why Go Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica?

White Water Rafting Tour

Each year, whitewater rafting enthusiasts from around the world travel to Costa Rica just to experience the area’s amazing rapids through the destination’s rock canyons, pristine rainforests, and ever-changing landscapes. Rafting is an exciting sport that requires participants to navigate downstream in a durable, inflatable raft while encountering intervals of rushing rapids.

In Costa Rica, whitewater rafting tours can vary depending on the experience of the participants. Tours usually range from Class 1, the easiest, to Class V, the most difficult. Class 1 generally requires minimum navigating as participants encounter gentle rapids and the occasional increase in speed. Class 5 is considered extreme as participants are likely to encounter fast currents and large rocks, requiring an experienced navigator.

Whatever your skill level may be, you’ll no doubt find whitewater rafting in Costa Rica to be a gratifying experience. There are two main tours that you’ll want to consider when organizing your rafting trip, including:


Savegre River Rafting

White Water Rafting Tour

The Savegre River in Costa Rica is one of the country’s most beautiful rivers, located a mere 45 minutes from Manual Antonio, Quepos. Begin at the lower end of the Savegre and you’ll experience a relaxing start to your journey.

The scenic ride continues for up to two hours, during which time you’ll have the opportunity to take in scenic views of the lush greenery and possibly some animals, such as sloths, monkeys, and iguanas.

Continue your adventure and the flow will take you under majestic trees like Wild Cashew and Guanacaste. Be sure to bring along a pair of binoculars and a camera to snap some pictures of everything you see.

This year-round whitewater rafting tour is suitable for all ages. Rest assured that you’ll be guided by experienced whitewater rafting guides. You’ll also have access to all of the specialized equipment you’ll need for the activity.


Naranjo River Rafting

White Water Rafting Tour

One of the most popular whitewater rafting tours occurs on the scenic Naranjo River in Costa Rica. With breathtaking views, the Naranjo River is just 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park and runs from the town of Villanueva in the rustic mountains to the Llamaron Bridge found on the road from Quepos to Dominical.

The tour spans approximately seven miles and generally runs from May through December. Due to the exhilarating sections of rapids, this tour is best suited for ages eight and up. Like other tours, participants have access to experienced whitewater river guides and all of the specialized equipment they’ll need for the activity.

When touring the beautiful Naranjo River, participants will have the opportunity to see many species of birds, such as the White Ibis and Ringed King Fisher. The last section of the river opens up to the Pacific flatlands where wildlife is plentiful, so be sure to bring your camera.

Schedule a Rafting Tour in Costa Rica

Ready to organize your next adventure? Bachelor Party Bay in Costa Rica is here to help you with every step. Contact us today to schedule your rafting tour.

White Water Rafting Tour

Costa Rica is known for its year-round warm water that is perfect for outdoor activities like white water rafting. If you’re visiting Costa Rica, don’t miss your chance to experience world-class rafting in a beautiful, natural environment. While rafting you’re bound to see plenty of gorgeous foliage, interesting creatures, flowing waterfalls, and other natural wonders.

Whether you’re interested in a day trip or just a brief excursion, Costa Rica has many white water rafting opportunities to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the best places to enjoy a white water rafting tour in Costa Rica.


White Water Rafting Tours in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

White Water Rafting Tour

H2O Costa Rica offers daily departures to two white water rapid rivers near Quespos and Manuel Antonio. The infamous Naranjo which divides into El Chorro and the powerful Savegre River with its Class IV and V ratings are the ultimate places to enjoy white water rafting, along with the lower Naranjo River. While the Savengre is the larger of the two rivers, Naranjo offers more rapids.

One option for white river rafting in Manuel Antonio is the El Chorro Class IV Adventure. During this tour, you’ll be guided through a narrow canyon surrounded by cliffs and rock walls. The Chorro section begins just 35 minutes from Manuel Antonio in the mountain village of Esquipulas.

Another white river rafting opportunity is the Savegre River Class II – III tour. This full day adventure consists of a trip down the Savegre River. During this excursion, you’ll also encounter a short hike, a pleasant swim at a waterfall, and a stop for lunch which consists of vegetables, beans, rice, and your choice of chicken, fish, or plain omelet. Enjoy your meal next to the river.

Another tour option includes the Naranjo River Class III – IV. This white water rafting tour is great for both beginner and experienced rafters. Located just 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio in the mountains, rafters have the opportunity to explore the Naranjo River with runs from the town of Villanueva to the Llamaron Bridge. This 6 mile rafting tour includes incredible views including those of crocodiles that live in the river.

White Water Rafting Tours in Arenal La Fortuna Costa Rica

White Water Rafting Tour

White water rafting tours are also available in the Arenal La Fortuna area of Costa Rica. The Sarapiqui Rafting Class III includes a plethora of wildlife like rainforest birds and howler monkeys. After getting picked up at your hotel, your journey will bring you to a scrumptious tropical breakfast, followed by rafting, swimming in the natural pools along the way, and a picnic lunch along the river.

Our final white water rafting tour is the Penas Blancas Rafting Tour Class II – III. This tour provides you with two options that allow you to enjoy a Safari Float with our professionally-trained guides and naturalists. Check out the wildlife surrounding you and take photos if you wish. During this excursion, you get the chance to peacefully glide down the river as your guides point out wildlife and explain interesting facts around the forests that surround you.

If you have yet to try white water rafting in Costa Rica, make a reservation today. It’s an experience like no other. Be sure that you’re prepared for the tour by bringing along a swimsuit, change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, and rubber soled shoes like strap on sandals or tennis shoes. For more information about these Costa Rica white water rafting tours, contact us today.